What to do in Ayutthaya

As a unesco World Heritage town, Ayutthaya is generally regarding exploring the ruin sites and temples peppered across town. however you are doing it, though, is that the question. whereas you’ll bestride a tuk-tuk and hit as several sites as you wish, there area unit additional attention-grabbing and fun ways in which to try and do it. With a history thus tangled with the rivers, moving town by boat is one in all the simplest ways in which to expertise Ayutthaya of the bygone era. whereas stream cruises area unit the foremost luxurious thanks to approach it, kayaking in all probability comes nearest to however the locals lived many centuries past. Another fashionable activity is riding on elephant back in Ayutthaya Historical Park. however if you actually wish to do one thing distinctive, consider an evening athletics tour of the ruin sites. Backlit by strategically placed spotlights, these ancient ruins appear to require on a brand new lifetime of their own.
Boat Trips
quicker and additional versatile than stream cruises in terms of rubber-necking routes, a long-tail boat trip offers a fun different to exploring Ayutthaya’s scenic riverside. These slim boats will navigate through the slim khlongs (canals), reaching temples and attractions situated any interior. If this seems like a decent set up, head over to pommy Phet Pier, Wat Phanunchoeng Pier or the pier before of Chantara Kasem National depository to charter a long-tail for the day. The fare depends on the route and length of your journey.

River Cruises
Cycling and Night athletics

Besides elephant rides, athletics may be a good way to explore the areas around Ayutthaya Historical Park. With the ruin sites comparatively near one another, selling on 2 wheels doesn’t want a physical challenge however rather a pleasing and pleasant expertise. Outside the park, it can be quite an challenge to ride around owing to the slim roads and busy traffic however it’s still manageable. For one thing utterly totally different and unforgettable, strive riding round the park in the dark. when sunset, Ayutthaya turns into a wizardly place, with a splendid backcloth of the ruin sites at twilight painting the skyline. you’ll solely expertise this type of magic here.
Elephant Rides and driver coaching Another activity that’s value considering if you’re excited by the thoughts of exploring Ayutthaya’s temple ruins on elephant back. Opposite Khum Khun Phaen within the Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya Elephant Camp offers elephant rides further as daily shows and feeding from 9:00 to 17:00. Ayodhaya Elephant Village (next to Ayodhaya Floating Market) has long driver coaching programmes, additionally to elephant riding journeys to close temples, for those interested to urge real shut down and private with a eutherian.
Horse-drawn Carriage Tour
Ideal for families with kids further as couples, the equine carriage tour of temples and historical monuments may be a fun different to elephant rides. you may wish to buy around for the correct value and carriage style that appeals to you (some area unit coated, others not). every carriage will carry 2 to 3 persons, and therefore the area unitas to appear for them are around Wat Phra Ram in Ayutthaya Historical Park and behind King U-Thong Monument (near Wat Phra Si Sanphet).
River Cruises
Fringed by picturesque temple ruins and rural villages, Ayutthaya’s streamside sets the stage for a scenic river cruise. Catch a glimpse of Ayutthaya of past as you start a stream journey down the Pasak and Chao Phraya Rivers. Day cruises typically cowl major temples and attractions on the riverbanks, whereas dinner and long cruises feel additional romantic, with associate development backcloth of the stream sunset and candle flame dinner enhancing the mood of the evening.

stream Kayaking
Perhaps the simplest thanks to explore the rivers and klongs (canals) of Ayutthaya, kayaking permits you to achieve the area unitas that are inaccessible to long-tails and cruise ships. Most temples and ruin sites area unit located on the riverbanks, with a dock handily connected to them, thus mooring your kayak won’t be a drag. an area organization cluster known as Ayutthaya Kayaking expertise (AKE) organises 2 long kayaking events double a month, on the historic route once traversed by Ayutthaya kings. Day journeys (3-4 hours) are out there, otherwise you will rent a kayak and go off on your own.