5 Best Cooking Schools in Chiang Mai

Learning to cook at one among the best Thai cookery schools in Chiang Mai is an exceedingly well-liked activity. This all-weather activity looks to be a rite of passage for everybody visiting this northern city and the amount of schools is impressive. Depending on your level of skill, amount of time offered and whether you’d wish to include a market or farm visit, there’s certainly a cookery class in Chiang Mai to fit your specific needs. There are even a host of vegetarian and vegan cookery classes now available. We’ve selected our favourites for this list of the simplest Chiang Mai cookery Schools; every place we’d readily recommend to friends and family. The warm and welcoming hosts speak excellent English and have a wealth of knowledge when it involves ingredients and alternatives you may struggle to find back home. Most of all, every of those schools are famous for being fun places to learn.

1 May Kaidee’s cookery school

May Kaidee’s cookery school is run by a known Thai cook and specialises in vegetarian and vegan dishes. The original cookery school started in Bangkok in 1988 and runs simultaneous courses in Chiang Mai and Bangkok daily. May Kaidee’s run 2 classes every day which has an introduction and small talk about how to make chilly paste and the use of Thai herbs and spices. Then participants learn the way to cook eight totally different recipes and style their dishes. When cookery and eating participants will then get to see a traditional Thai dancing show and are served complimentary mango and sticky rice dessert. The morning and afternoon classes vary slightly with an introduction to raw food desserts in the morning and a focus on cold recipes such as salads in the afternoon.

2 Sammy’s Organic Thai cookery school

Sammy’s Organic Thai cookery school takes place on Sammy’s organic farm about twenty minutes far from Chiang Mai. The school is set in a lovely location and is a good way to get out of town and see more of Thailand’s countryside. Sammy starts by taking participants to a local Thai market to buy ingredients and has in depth knowledge about different herbs, types of rice and coconut milk. This is a good chance to ask about Thai spices and ingredients. Once at Sammy’s Organic Thai cookery school you can opt for 5 different dishes to make (including spring rolls, mango and sticky rice and a choice of curries) and so Sammy can demonstrate and assist you cook your own dishes. There’s fresh fruit available if you begin to feel hungry and at the end of the class you get to feast on what you cooked.

3 Asia Scenic Thai cookery school

Asia Scenic Thai cookery school is a popular and friendly cooking course that teaches participants to cook a variety of self-chosen Thai dishes. With 2 locations (one in the heart of town and the different located at a farm a bit outside of Chiang Mai) this cookery school includes a course suitable for everybody. No cookery skill is required and the friendly instructors ensure that everybody makes a delicious and presentable dish. Participants will prefer to cook up to seven dishes on the full day course and Asia Scenic Thai cookery school also arranges a trip to a local Thai vegetable market to buy the ingredients.

4 Thai Farm cooking school

Thai Farm cookery school is run by an obsessive cook and farmer, Sawat, who is excited to share his knowledge with participants. Opened in 2000 Sawat has been working on his farm to create a food paradise. During the course he often picks fresh fruits in season for participants to try such as mango, jackfruit or star fruit, and he grows most of the herbs for cookery himself. Participants will opt for six different dishes from the menu including curry, a dessert and a Thai soup. This is a great introduction to Thai cookery.

5 Chiang Mai Thai cookery school

The Chiang Mai Thai cookery school was the primary cookery school in Northern Thailand and has one of the best reputations. Run by one among Thailand’s most renowned chefs, Sompon Nabnian, the school hosts a variety of beginners and advanced cookery classes, and also offers a homestay for those who wish to study over a longer period of time. Chiang Mai Thai cooking school has been operating over thirteen years and is the place to go for chefs and people serious about cookery.