10 Must See Temples in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai isn’t precisely in need of a temple. There are over three hundred ‘wats’ scattered throughout town and close country – no alternative province within the whole of Kingdom of Thailand is home to a lot of. Most temples in Chiang Mai are of the ‘Lanna’ vogue, geological dating between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries and characterized by bowed wood roofs inform up at the highest. There are a couple of obvious selections that you simply can’t ignore whereas temple looking in Chiang Mai; Wat Phra That Interior Department Suthep is that the most noted, alert high within the mountain that overlooks town. Wat Chedi Luang is another must-see, and far a lot of simply accessible, situated within the previous town walls and walking distance from several of the highest hotels. Here’s our summing up of ten must-see temples in Chiang Mai.
1 Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Forever holding onto the crown of the most-visited, most noted, and most extremely revered temple in Chiang Mai is that the glorious Wat Phra That Interior Department Suthep (for short, you’ll simply decision it Wat Interior Department Suthep). The journey up the winding mountain road is Associate in Nursing expertise in itself, whether or not you’re doing it on a rented scooter (250 Thai monetary unit for the day), as a part of a non-public excursion (600 Thai monetary unit there and back) or sitting in a very packed-out songthaew with the locals (80 Thai monetary unit for one way). the ultimate leg of the journey needs of 309-step walk up to achieve the 600-year-old golden ‘chedi’ at the highest that towers on top of the encircling temple building and monks’ living accommodations.
2 Wat Chedi Luang
If you’re short on time or have already done Interior Department Suthep and wish a lot of temple action, one in all the simplest is found right within the middle of the previous town, walking distance from several of preferred hotels and markets. ‘Luang’ interprets in previous Lanna language to one thing like ‘very big’, and therefore the monumental crumbling central structure definitely lives up to its name. Some fast facts: the most chedi is eighty metres tall creating it the very best purpose within the Chiang Mai’s previous City; the temple advanced dates all the manner back to 1385 (but has had numerous additions, re-builds and revamps since); and it absolutely was once home to the highly-revered Emerald Buddha, that currently takes pride of place in Bangkok’s Grand Palace.
3 Wat Phra Singh

Thanks to a large renovation within the nineteenth century, and varied licks of paint ever since, Wat Phra Singh stands collectively of the foremost visually spectacular temples in Chiang Mai. the most temple building is that the star of the show, that includes those picture slanted Lanna-style roofs an elaborately adorned façade that shines bright within the daylight. There’s additionally numerous stupas and pagodas dotted round the grounds, that ar liberal to enter. Walking distance from Wat Chedi Luang within the previous town, our recommendation is to suit in each throughout a morning or afternoon rubber-necking trip on 2 feet or tuk-tuk.
4 Wat Suan Dok
Characterised by its shining array of brilliant-white chedis close a glowing golden stupa, Wat Suan Dok is one in all the less-visited temples in Chiang Mai however still positively still value a glance. It’s situated simply outside town walls on the road towards the University and Niman space, thus it’s not precisely laborious to seek out. Wat Suan Dok was inbuilt late ordinal century by a King of Chiang Mai and was originally meant to function a retreat for a revered monk from Sukhothai – the capital of Kingdom of Thailand at the time. There also are free meditation category and ‘monk chats’ Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 17:30-21:00.
5 Wat Umong

Still standing when 700 years, Wat Umong definitely shows its age, despite varied touch-ups over the years. The crumbling, weather-worn central stupa towers into the sky, set around a well-maintained tropical garden and smart-looking inexperienced lawns. whereas the most stupa provides a neat photo-op, there’s masses a lot of to try to to at Wat Umong; feed the fish and turtles within the garden’s main lake, walk round the ‘talking trees’ that supply words of recommendation (in Thai and English), and head underground to ascertain out the series of ancient tunnels. notice it simply on the far side the flying field, within the foothills of Interior Department Suthep Mountain next to the zoological garden.
6 Wat Phra That Doi Kham

Famous (mostly among locals) for its vast sitting Buddha, Wat Phra That Interior Department Kham is one in all the lesser-known temples in Chiang Mai due to its slightly out-of-the-way location, however yet even as spectacular as several of the a lot of common temples in Chiang Mai. the enormous Buddha structure towers nearly twenty metres into the air, painted in bright white and gold colors. the entire temple advanced dates back quite one,000 years, with lots of shrines, pagodas and relics to explore within the tropical garden space within the foothills of the Interior Department Suthep range. it’s additionally referred to as the ‘Temple of the Golden Mountain’.
7 Wat Sri Suphan
This central Chiang Mai temple very stands out from the remainder with its shiny coat of silver paint that glistens bright within the daylight. the information of the stupas ar solid silver and at the hours of darkness they need a inert gas light-weight show that turns the temple into multiple colors – a shocking sight so. The temple advanced truly dates back to the sixteenth century, though the most silver building is way newer, with extra halls and monks’ buildings near . there’s additionally a silver-working college housed here, that helps to expire the traditions that semiconductor diode to the temples creation. notice it simply south of the previous town walls on Wualai Road, near the weekend market.
8 Wat Chiang Man

Wat Chiang Man temple once served because the residence of the city’s founder, King Mengrai, shortly when its construction within the thirteenth century (which makes it one in all the terribly oldest within the region). The temple itself could be a superb sight from each angle, with the previous crumbling temple providing Associate in Nursing insight into the made history of Wat Chiang Man, whereas the newer temple hall presents a fine example of ancient Lanna design that has been well maintained over the years. notice it on Ratchaphakhinai Road, close to the Chang Puak gate within the northern a part of the previous town.
9 Wat Lok Molee Chiang Mai Old City
Another visually hanging temple in Chiang Mai is Wat Lok Moli, well-known for its three-tiered wood roof and prime location terribly near Chang Puak Gate on the north fringe of the previous town. the most temple hall has been well-restored, though the weatherworn chedi at the rear shows the temple’s true age, geological dating back to round the ordinal century. though Wat Lok Molee is found terribly central, it’s simply hidden out of the manner which means most tourists miss it, permitting it to fancy to a small degree a lot of peace and tranquillity compared to a number of the city’s alternative temples.
10 Wat Phan Tao

Wat Phan Tao could be a lovely wood temple with a adorned garden space. Sitting next to the noted Wat Chedi Luang this temple is commonly unnoticed however value a visit. particularly once the a lot of noted non secular complexes within the space are overrun with tourists within the season. once you enter, the most prayer hall is to your right and a path on your left leads you to the stupa at the rear. The prayer hall is formed from dark teak wood and within could be a gold image of Siddhartha. The prayer hall was designed back once the teak trade was at its peak and therefore the wood was an providing to Siddhartha.